3 Ways to Stay Sane

Right now, staying home to protect lives is the right thing to do. Now that it has been going on week after week we are all struggling with staying happy and healthy.

Here are 3 things that I do to help keep me sane.


There are many studies proving the variety of benefits from a regular meditation practice. What I have found to be the most impactful is the daily check-in on perspective. It is too easy to get lost in the weeds of your mind without even knowing you are there. Each morning when I sit, I look into the weeds and gently de-tangle myself. After 10 minutes I open my eyes and I feel lighter, it is almost as if the world is a little more sparkly.

It seems like it isn’t a lot, as if it isn’t worth the effort. But, consider if you are trying to hold back the relentless tide of the ocean and each day it gains a little more ground. Day after day the tide encroaches on you until you are drowning and no longer know what is up and what is down. Meditation is like pushing back the tide just enough each day to keep it at bay.

There are many studies done on meditation. Here is one from Harvard and here is list of research done by Headspace. Lastly, here is another great source with testimonials from 42 people on mindfulness from OutwitTrade.


4 days a week I get out at lunch and run 1 mile. It takes 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer and sometimes it is raining and sucks. But, every single time I do it, I never ever regret it. It flushes your body with endorphins that chemically make you feel good, plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that you once again did something hard.

When I can’t run, because my ankle hurts or some other reason I will walk. I always get out and away to remove my mind from the situation. I find that this is a secondary benefit to this; mixing up my environment. But, what if you can’t get outside? You can also create an environment. Choose a place in your house and throw down a yoga mat, put on some music, change it up and get creative. You just need to switch it up and get your body moving.

Virtual Hangouts

I recently started hanging out with a few of my friends either using the House Party app or Zoom. It was a bit odd at first, but after a few sessions I really look forward to them now. Seeing other faces and talking with other humans has really helped me from feeling so isolated. It does not have to be anything complicated, just jump in and start hanging out. Conversations will flow and soon enough you’ll find yourself laughing with your friends at home, totally forgetting about our crazy situation we find ourselves in.

Summing it up

These activities have made a substantial impact on my overall well being and I hope that they help you too. Trying all of these at one time might be too much, so maybe just start with one.

To re-cap, here are the 3 things I do to help keep me sane and on good days, pretty happy ^_^

  • Meditation: Emotional / Mental
  • Exercise: Physical / Mental
  • Virtual Hangouts: Connection / Spiritual

It really is about balance and right now it is really easy to get out of balance. So, stay motivated, do the hard things and eventually the hard things will become easy and essential.